Vintila DONGOROZ (1893-1976)


    "" I have been striven for realisation of a Romanian Penal Law science and of a Romanian Penal Law literature." [...]


Vintilă Dongoroz was born in the little town of Tecuchy, County of Galatzi, on March the 27th 1893. His mother Aglaie divorced his father, Fotin Dongoroz, employee at a industrial factory, when the child Vintilă barely was 2 years old (1895).

All his lifetime Vintilă Dongoroz nourished a cult for his mother's image; after the divorce she alone brought up all 3 children. In 1902 she married again; his contemporaries said that during his studies at Bârlad (1900-1904) and Focşani (1904-1912) he had lived moments of material penury.

Between 1912 and 1915 he pursued the courses of Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest.

Between 1916 and 1919 he continued at the same faculty as a PhD student, studies interrupted by the Romanian Reunification War (First World War), being proclaimed PhD on December the 27th 1919, eulogistic with 5 white balls. His PhD thesis entitled "The Social Dynamism of Penal Law" indicates his resolute option for the Penal Law, to which he passionately consecrated his forces during entire lifetime.

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