Penal Law

June the 14th , 2012

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June the 7th , 2008

Ion Nefliu, The Mobbing, an Insidious Form of Violence

May the 9th , 2008

adv. Mihai C. Barbu, jurist Dana Barbu, The Preliminary Approval of Orthodox Bishop, under Provisions of art. 10, par. 1 letter f) Romanian Penal Procedure Code, in Romanian Legal System

May the 9th , 2008

Ion Nefliu, The Protection of Animals, Historical and Comparative Law Viewpoints

Presentation of illustrious scholars

PhD prof. IOAN TANOVICEANU (1858-1917), Presentation of a First Great Scholar of Romanian Penal Law

PhD prof. VINTILA DONGOROZ (1893-1976), Presentation of a Second Great Scholar of Romanian Penal Law

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